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Did you know that, according to NASA's Sick Building Syndrome, over 107 volatile organic compounds are likely to be ruining your air quality as you read this? It's been proven that interior plantscaping cleans your air and purifies it, leaving your colleagues and customers feeling refreshed and welcome in your business!
lant Between Two Chairs — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Beautiful plantscaping for any budget

With the plantscaping services from Shades of Green, you can enjoy an extravagant array of plants without the huge price tag! We have a huge catalog of excellent specimens that are affordable, beautiful and long-lasting with easy care.
Green Plant — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Providing plantscaping for any business

Regardless of your industry or discipline, your workspace can benefit greatly from our plantscaping. We've developed amazing designs for a myriad of offices, banks, medical buildings, restaurants, dealerships and many other businesses, just like yours!