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Our Silk Plants Provide Lifelike Beauty

Whether you prefer our silk plants, an artificial palm, or a faux grass design, no matter how we describe them, they are all lifelike. All of your silk plants, silk trees, and silk floral arrangements will be packaged with the utmost care to assure safe delivery to your door - and are always guaranteed to please!
Plants inside a Office — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Ever-lasting verdant elegance

Your silk plants will please guests and employees alike, and a passerby will never be able to tell they're artificial! Our silk plants are perfect for a simple but beautiful touch of color and liveliness to functional spaces.
Plant and a Shadow — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Attentive care, professional plant design

Unlike larger franchise landscapers and interior designers, we provide a more personable and attentive experience when you call us for interior ... Read more