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Make Your Plants Care For Themselves

Plants in your office or workspace are beautiful and inviting - but what about the consistent maintenance? Don't worry; try Shades of Green's easy plant care! With our hydroponic, soil-less plant solutions, you get natural beauty with literally no maintenance!
Plant and a Hand — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Self-watering, self-feeding plants

You'll need just a plant, a pot, and light to enjoy care-free hydroponic plants in your workspace. Combined with a self-contained clay nutrient and water system, your plants will feed themselves and continue remaining healthy on their own.
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Call on us when it's time to re-fill!

The only requirement of your hydroponic plants is occasional re-filling of water, and occasional trimming. Shades of Green offers affordable, contract-free maintenance, so you can focus on running your business.