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Beautify Your Indoor Space with Professional Plantscaping & Design or Check out our Living Wall Systems.

With an eye for natural beauty and inviting flora, Shades of Green can turn your business' cold, empty hallways and atriums into flowering, welcoming and appealing centers for customers and employees to enjoy year-round!
You'll enjoy affordable prices, unbeatable customer service, and over 30 years of plantscaping experience.
Plant in a Office — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ
Two Plants — Professional Planting and Design in Warren NJ

Save green, get green!

Bring new beauty into your commercial space and enjoy amazing prices! We are sure your colleagues will love it!

30 years of experience

Beautifying properties since 1984, Shades of Green has developed the floral finesse necessary to beautify even your most utilitarian, blank and simple spaces.

Sprucing the Garden State

Is your business located in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut? We'll go the distance to bring elegant interior landscaping to your commercial property!

Picture-perfect plants

Browse our convenient online catalog of low-light, medium-light, and high-light plants, and contact us for a FREE design consultation! We're just a phone call away.

Check out our Living Green Walls & Vertical Gardens!

Your new living plant wall will seemingly defy gravity, giving the impression that natural, living plants are growing from your walls. Built with a hidden, durable steel frame, your living plant wall will provide a true "wow" factor to an otherwise utilitarian space.